:prime Degree Courses

Mathematics – Computer Science – Natural Sciences – Engineering

Our :prime courses and their clusters

Our :prime foundation course specifically prepares you for degree courses in the sciences.


These are divided into the clusters MCSNS and ENG. The MCSNS cluster includes subjects in the fields of mathematics, computer science and the natural sciences. ENG is the engineering sciences cluster. The cluster determines your degree choice. Make sure you select the right cluster for the TestAS exam.


Once you have passed the :prime entrance examination, you can enrol for one of our :prime bachelor's degrees at the universities in the state of Bremen!


Do you have any questions about the clusters, TestAS or your application? Feel free to contact us: info@primebremen.de

Degree courses at three universities

With :prime you have a choice!

The :prime foundation course is not limited to one university. As a :prime graduate you can choose one of three universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven.


You can find the :prime courses listed under their corresponding :prime cluster here. If you apply for one of these courses, you are guaranteed a place.