Application for :prime

:prime is the foundation program for the Universities in Bremen for international prospective students who need to visit a Studienkolleg. Language courses, (extra) curricular study foundation and - if applicable - the university entrance exam offer you a profound preparation for starting a study program at a university in the State of Bremen.



Please be aware of the different deadlines depending on your language level:

Applicants with B1 and the need to visit a Studienkolleg: Deadline is May 31.

Applicants with C1 and the need to visit a Studienkolleg: Deadline is January 13 / Please make sure to also fill in and upload the application for the university entrance exam by January 13!


For those of you who already have a direct university entrance qualification and need to acheive the German C1 level plus joining for the (extra)curricular study preparation: Just fill in the following application form without any deadline.

Your application for the foundation course :prime

Important information

Documents you need for your application:

  • The so called VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) from uni-assist. uni assist is an indipendent institution, that evaluates international school leaving certificates and - if applicable - university certificates.
    Please be aware, that an evaluation can last up to 6 weeks and that you need this document in order to receive a unconditional admission.
  • A TestAS with at least 190 points in total (standard core: core test + modul test)

  • If you already passed a C1 certificate and have to visit a "Studienkolleg" your subject-based foundation will start in March. In order to apply for this track you need to hand in the filled out form "Antrag zur Zugangsprüfung", sign it and upload the form with your application. Deadline is January
Which is you highest degree so far?*
Which is your current language level?*
Higher secondary school qualification or latest school report*
Translation of school qualification in German or English.*
Highest German language certificate.*
TestAS certificate or confirmation of registration for TestAS*
Result of VPD from uni-assist*
Application for "Zugangsprüfung" (only if C1 certificate has been passed)