Application for :prime C1

Apply for for our next intake :prime C1 starting March 2022. Application period ends on January 13, 2022

Make sure to fill in the application form for the "Zugangsprüfung" as well and upload it with this form.


Your Application for :prime C1

In case you have already reached the German C1 certificate, you can directly apply for the foundation semester. Please fill out the following form.


For the application you'll need:

  • a so called VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) by uni assist. Uni assist is an independent institution who is evaluating international school leaving certificates for German universites. Please note that the evaluation can last up to 6 weeks.
  • the application for your "Zugangsprüfung" (university entrance exam). Please fill out the linked form, sign it and upload it with this form.
It is mandatory that all documents will be sent in until January 13.
Higher secondary school qualification or latest school report*
Translation of school qualification in German or English.*
Highest German language certificate.*
TestAS certificate or confirmation of registration for TestAS*